Bermuda Moving Guide

Bermuda Moving Guide

Bermuda is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, located around 650 miles from the coast of North Carolina. The archipelago is a self-governing British Overseas Territory that got its start as a trade hub, and the islands have been inhabited since 1612 when the town of St. George’s—now a UNESCO World Heritage Site—was founded. Out of the 160+ islands that comprise Bermuda, eight of the largest ones are connected to one another by bridges; these main islands are where most of the population lives and works.

Yearly, over 650,000 people visit Bermuda to see its gorgeous sites, including pink-sand beaches and crystalline caves, and to enjoy the carefree atmosphere. If you’re looking for a change of pace and want to experience life on a picturesque archipelago known for its wildlife and pink sands, then check out Atlas® International’s Bermuda Moving Guide.

An aerial shot of Bermuda's coastline features deep blue water, palm trees, and sand.

The cerulean waters of scenic Bermuda

Moving from the US to Bermuda

Why are Americans moving to Bermuda? Life on an island is a huge dream for many, especially when the island’s pace of life is slower and more relaxing than that of the United States. Many Americans who move to Bermuda are also looking to retire to a sunny area, living out the rest of their days on this slice of paradise. Whatever your reasons for moving, Bermuda is an ideal place to kick back and enjoy life.


The pink sands of Bermuda’s Horseshoe Bay are a well-known sight, and are one of the most-visited attractions on this small island. Horseshoe Bay is easily accessible by bus, as are much of Bermuda’s main attractions. Bermuda is also famous for its caves, which are incredibly unique, containing limestone stalactites that look like icicles and featuring crystalline, underground pools. The caves are a unique feature of the Bermudian landscape, and are a must-see location.


As far as local food goes, it is impossible to go wrong with Bermudian cuisine. The national dish, Bermuda fish chowder, is a tomato-based chowder containing fish, vegetables, spices, and rum. This island’s cuisine features lots of fresh seafood and many fruits: the locals eat so much fish that they even partake in a codfish breakfast on Sunday mornings. No matter your interests or tastes, there is sure to be something for you in Bermuda!


Bermuda enjoys a temperate climate, as it is located in the Atlantic where the Gulf Stream flows through and cools the area down. The temperature rarely ever drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and Bermuda has no wet or rainy season, making the islands a great place to explore nature and admire the extraordinary flora and fauna native to the area.

In late spring, whale watching is at its peak as pods of whales breach the water’s surface, giving onlookers a great and memorable show. Sea turtles are another exciting sight in Bermuda, where the crystalline waters lend themselves to easy viewing of these majestic creatures. Keep an eye out for local flora too, as Bermuda has some beautiful trees and flowers. These include the Bermudiana flower, which is indigenous to Bermuda and is used by Bermudians in everything from art to jewelry.

Where to Live in Bermuda

Thinking of relocating to Bermuda? Here are some popular locations for ex-pats:

  • St. George’s
  • Hamilton

Moving to St. George's, Bermuda

St. George’s is the largest town in Bermuda, and though it is also called The Town of St. George or simply St. George, local Bermudians refer to the town in only in its possessive form: St. George’s. This quaint town was founded by a party of 60 British settlers in 1612, and today has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a population of a little over 1,500 people.

Take a stroll through the cobblestone streets and admire the crisp angles of the Bermudian buildings, or stop by one of the town’s many museums that showcase the rich history of St. George’s and of the island of Bermuda itself. Though it is often difficult to buy property as a non-Bermudian or as someone not married to a Bermudian, it’s not impossible! If you are moving to St. George’s from the United States, you will likely run into the need for overseas shipping and specialized movers who are familiar with customs and import regulations.

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Atlas® International helps people move to Bermuda every year.

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