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International Moving for Individuals and Families


When you make your international move with Atlas® International, you aren’t just getting a “mover.” You’re getting a trusted partner with 60+ years of experience who’s ready to put in the teamwork to make your dream work anywhere in the world. We’ll learn everything there is to know about your big move to create a unique international relocation plan designed just for you and provide all the guidance you’ll need to go new places®.

From U.S. or
International Origin

Whether your move is from the United States to another country, from one international location to another, or a cross-border move from the U.S. to Canada, our network of global moving companies is ready and waiting to serve expats like you when moving to exciting new destinations!

Atlas® International facilitates successful overseas moves thanks to expertise in global moving regulations and customs clearance management. We strive to provide an exceptional international moving experience and help you begin your new journey on solid footing.

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The International Relocation Process

Your Comprehensive International Moving Timeline

Packing up your home to start a new life abroad has you undoubtedly wondering how long it really takes to plan an international move. Lucky for you, we’ve done this thousands of times before and have it down to a science. With a little help from your international relocation experts, you will be ready to get started with confidence.

Here’s what to expect from the international moving process and how to get started with an international moving company.

Step 01

Contact Us

Call Atlas® International to speak with an international moving expert or begin a no-obligation quote online to get things started.

It is highly recommended that you contact us at least 90 days in advance of your move date.

Step 02

Moving Estimate

A pre-move survey will be conducted to give you the most accurate international moving estimate possible.

Step 03


Our professional, skilled packers will prepare your shipment for safe international transport, and even provide all packing materials that our team will use. We take extra-special care when packing, document them, and place seals on their cartons as an added measure of protection for high-value belongings.

Step 04


Once your belongings are packed, your Atlas® International movers will load them into wooden shipping containers called lift vans that measure approximately 7’ x 4’ x 7’, or for larger shipments, we may load the entire household directly into a 40- or 20-foot steel ocean container right at your residence. Pretty cool, huh?

Step 05

To the Port

After your items have been loaded into their respective container(s), Atlas® International will transport your shipment to its port of departure.

Step 06

Ocean or Air Transportation

At the port of departure, Atlas® International places your containerized shipment onto the ocean vessel or aircraft for international shipping.

Step 07

Customs Clearance

Once your shipment has reached its destination port, your household goods will be processed by a local customs authority to be cleared for transfer to an international moving crew that’s been carefully selected by Atlas® International.

Step 08

Welcome Home

After we receive clearance from customs, your Atlas® International destination agent will deliver your items and unpack them at your brand-new home. If you aren’t ready to settle in quite yet, your shipment can be delivered into storage until you are ready to receive your belongings.


What You Need When Moving Internationally

While you’re dreaming of what’s to come, don’t forget to plan for all the details. Check out these essentials you’ll need for your international move. And remember, the best first step you can take is to start planning your move 90 days in advance.

Work Permit
Residence Permit
Consular Legation
Car Title and Lien Authorization

Protecting Your Belongings During
a Move

Atlas® International is the best in the biz when it comes to the safe transport of your possessions. But, as the old saying goes, accidents can happen. In the event of damaged or lost items, we offer protection plans designed specifically for our international move with you. Plans range from Full Value Protection, which can be added at a minimal cost, to limited coverage that’s already built into your move with us.

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