Corporate Relocation: What to Do Before & After You Move Abroad

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Overview of Corporate Relocation Services

Corporate relocation services are designed to aid companies and their employees who are relocating from one place to another due to a job transfer, promotion, or other work-related reasons. These services have become increasingly popular as companies seek to attract and retain top talent by offering comprehensive relocation packages.  


The process of relocation can be stressful, especially when it comes to finding a new home, dealing with logistics, and settling into a brand-new community. That's why many companies partner with Atlas International, to offer their employees a seamless transition from one location to another.  


There are various types of relocation services available, and the specific services offered will depend on the needs and preferences of the company and the employee. Some of the most common services include:  

  • Home-Finding Assistance: This service is designed to help employees find suitable housing in their new location. The relocation service provider will work with the employee to understand their preferences, budget, and needs, and then provide a list of suitable properties for them to choose from. They can also provide advice on neighborhoods, schools, and other amenities in the area.  
  • Temporary Housing: If the employee needs to move quickly and doesn't have time to find permanent housing, the relocation service provider can arrange for temporary housing. This can include a fully furnished apartment, extended-stay hotel, or other short-term rental options.  
  • Transportation Logistics: Moving to a new location often involves transporting belongings and other items. The relocation service provider can handle the logistics of the move, including packing, shipping, and tracking items.  
  • Spousal Support: The relocation service provider can provide support to the employee's spouse or partner, including assistance with finding employment, networking, and connecting with local communities.  
  • Language Training: If the employee is moving to a location where a different language is spoken, the relocation service provider can provide language training to help them communicate effectively.  
  • School Search Assistance: If the employee has children, the relocation service provider can assist with finding suitable schools in the new location. They can also provide information on the education system. 


In addition to these services, relocation service providers can also offer support for visa and immigration issues, tax assistance, and other administrative tasks related to the move. When selecting a relocation service provider, companies should consider factors such as their reputation, experience, and the services they offer.  


It's also important to ensure that the provider has a good understanding of the local market and can provide the necessary support to ensure a smooth transition for the employee. Overall, corporate relocation services can provide significant benefits for both companies and their employees. By partnering with a reputable relocation service provider, companies can offer their employees a comprehensive and personalized relocation package that can help them feel supported and valued during the transition to a new location. 

Preparing for Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocation can be an exciting but uneasy experience for individuals or families. Preparing for the move can help ease the stress and ensure a smooth transition. Some steps that individuals or families can take to prepare for a corporate relocation are: 


  • Declutter and Pack Belongings - Before starting the packing process, it's essential to declutter and get rid of unnecessary items. This can help reduce the volume of belongings that need to be packed and can save time and money. Consider selling or donating items that are no longer needed. Research prohibited and restricted items in your destination country as well.  Some countries may not allow you to bring specific belongings into the country. Parting ways with those items before arriving in your new country will help cut down on the costs of relocating them. 
  • Plan for Children or Pets - Moving with children or pets can be challenging, so it's essential to plan for their needs. If possible, involve children in the moving process by allowing them to choose some items to take with them, such as toys or books. For pets, make sure they have identification tags, and their vaccines are up to date.   
  • Research the New Location - Researching the new location can help individuals feel more comfortable and prepared for the move. Consider researching the cost of living, climate, schools, healthcare, and other amenities in the new location. This can help plan for their needs and ensure a smooth transition. 
  • Handle Financial Matters - It's essential to handle financial matters before the move. Consider notifying banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions about the move. Update the billing address and ensure that all bills are paid before leaving. It's also essential to update insurance policies and ensure that coverage is adequate for the new location.  
  • Hire a Reliable Relocation Service Provider - Hiring a reliable relocation service provider can make the moving process smoother and less stressful. Research and select a provider that has experience and a good reputation. Consider discussing the services they offer and their pricing structure. A good relocation service provider can aid with packing, transportation, and other logistics related to the move.  

Navigating the Relocation Process

With proper planning and organization, you can navigate the relocation process smoothly. Here are some tips to help you navigate the relocation process:  


Deal with the Stress of Moving  

Moving can be a stressful experience, and it's essential to take care of yourself during this time. Make time for self-care activities, such as exercise, meditation, or spending time with friends and family. Stay positive and focus on the opportunities and excitement of the new location.  


Manage the Logistics of the Move  

Managing the logistics of the move can be overwhelming, but it's essential to stay organized. Create a moving checklist and schedule to ensure that everything is completed on time. Hire a reputable moving company to assist with the move, including packing, loading, and unloading belongings.  


Stay Organized  

Staying organized during the move can help reduce stress and ensure a smooth transition. Keep an inventory of belongings you are bringing with you. Keep important items, such as passports and travel documents, in a separate and easily accessible location. Consider using apps or spreadsheets to keep track of tasks and deadlines.  

Adjusting to a New Environment 

Whether you have relocated for work, family, or other reasons, settling into a new home and community can be an emotional and practical process. Here are some tips to help you adjust to a new environment:  


Make New Friends  

Making new friends can help you feel more connected and comfortable in your new environment. Consider joining local clubs or organizations that align with your interests or hobbies. Reach out to colleagues or neighbors and invite them for coffee or dinner.  


Explore the Local Area  

Exploring the local area can help you feel more comfortable and familiar with your new surroundings. Take a walk or bike ride around the neighborhood. Visit local landmarks, parks, and museums. Try local restaurants and cafes.  


Establish Routines  

Establishing routines can help you feel more settled and in control of your new environment. Set a regular schedule for work, exercise, and social activities. 


Stay in Touch with Friends and Family  

Staying in touch with friends and family from your previous location can help you feel connected during the transition. Schedule regular phone or video calls with loved ones. Plan visits or vacations to your previous location.  


Remember to be patient and give yourself time to adapt to the changes. With time, you may find that your new environment becomes a place that you love and feel connected to. 

The Benefits of Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocation services offer many benefits for both employees and employers. Some of the benefits of corporate relocation are:  


Increased Job Opportunities  

Corporate relocation can offer employees increased job opportunities in different parts of the country or world. This can lead to career advancement and the chance to work on exciting projects. Employers can also benefit from a wider pool of talent by attracting top candidates from different locations.  


Better Work-Life Balance  

Corporate relocation can offer employees the opportunity for a better work-life balance. Relocating to a new location can mean a shorter commute, access to better schools and healthcare, and more affordable housing. This can lead to less stress and more time to enjoy hobbies, spend time with family, and pursue personal interests.  


Chances to Explore New Places and Cultures  

Corporate relocation can offer employees the chance to explore new places and cultures. This can lead to personal growth, new experiences, and expanded perspectives. Employees can learn new languages, try new foods, and explore new customs and traditions.  


Increased Employee Satisfaction  

Corporate relocation can lead to increased employee satisfaction, which can result in higher productivity and better retention rates. By offering relocation services, employers show a commitment to their employees' well-being and professional development. This can lead to increased loyalty and engagement among employees.  


Tax Benefits  

Corporate relocation services can also offer tax benefits for both employees and employers. Employers can claim tax deductions for the costs associated with relocating employees, while employees may be able to claim tax deductions for certain relocation expenses.  

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