Moving to Germany from the US: What You Need to Know

Germany is a beautiful country bordered by France to the west, Poland and the Czech Republic to the east, and Denmark to the north, making it the perfect place for those interested in relocating to a cultural hotspot: a country situated in the middle of many different cultures. The culture of Germany itself pulls almost 40 million tourists per year who are eager to see historical landmarks, participate in festivals, and partake in German food. Germany is known worldwide for its hearty cuisine and thousands of delicious beers brewed through traditional German craftsmanship. Outside of consumables, Germany boasts picturesque landscapes, including deep, crystalline lakes and mountains topped by fairytale castles. If you’re looking for a change of pace and want to experience life in a land rich in history with a strong focus on the arts, Atlas® International can get you there. Check out our Germany moving guide.

Woman in tan jumpsuit stands in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany after international relocation.

Berlin, Germany

Moving from the US to Germany

Why are Americans moving to Germany? Many Americans make the move to receive an education from top German universities at a fraction of the price of a college education in the United States. Others move for the artistry, creativity, and exciting street fashion hallmarks of major cities like Berlin. While American culture is widely varied and fast paced, the culture in Germany is consistent and places value on family, quality time, and good food. There is no shortage of places to see as far as tourist destinations go as Germany is full of historical and cultural sites. These include the nearly 25,000 castles spread out across the country. In fact, out of all the countries in the world, Germany is the one with the most castles! The breathtaking Neuschwanstein Castle is among the most impressive. Sitting atop a hill, the impressively large and ornate castle was actually Walt Disney’s inspiration for the castle in the movie Cinderella. Those who enjoy history might like to visit Reichstag—the German parliament building—or the remains of the Berlin Wall. No matter your interests, there’s sure to be a place for you in Germany!

Germany's Climate and Landscape

Germany enjoys a fairly temperate climate, with cold winters and warm summers, making it easy to enjoy the varying landscapes that this country has to offer. To the north, you can visit one of Germany’s many history-rich and beachy islands. Lake Eibsee in the southeast of Germany offers a picturesque view of clear, sparkling water nestled at the base of the Zugspitze Mountain. The lake is an ideal place for hiking, fishing, or swimming. If forests are more your speed, then head over to the Spreewald forest to enjoy the lush trees and gently-flowing Spree River.

Where to Live in Germany

Thinking of relocating to Germany? Here are some popular locations for expats:

  • Berlin
  • Munich
  • Hamburg
  • Cologne
  • Frankfurt

Moving to Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a dream city for artistic types and history buffs. It’s also an attractive destination for American expats due to its open-minded nature and youthful culture, including a booming nightlife. For those looking to move for college, the Humboldt University of Berlin is known throughout Europe as a highly prestigious university specializing in arts and humanities. The main building on campus was even a palace before it was a university, so you can walk around on a piece of royal history as you receive an education. You might expect rent to be expensive in a city like Berlin, but if you find yourself having to rent an apartment, don’t worry: the average cost of rent in Berlin is around 60% lower than in large American cities like New York. If you are moving to Berlin from the US, you will likely run into the need for overseas shipping and specialized movers who are familiar with customs and import regulations.

Woman in stylish clothes sitting on floor, packing belongings into cardboard boxes before relocation into new apartment.

Atlas® International helps people move to Germany every year.

Resources for Moving to Germany

Thinking of moving from the US to Germany? Check out our detailed customs guide for international relocation tips including household goods importing, restricted and prohibited items, moving pets, importing vehicles, and documentation you will need.

Germany Customs Guide

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