Global Office Relocation Services

Global Office Relocation Services by Atlas International

So, you're ready to move your office to a new country. It's exciting to expand your horizons and start a brand-new endeavor. However, an international office move is often riddled with logistics that can be a real headache to navigate on your own. 

Atlas International is a premier global provider of office relocation services. With decades of experience organizing and handling international moves, we're driven by our commitment to create seamless transitions for businesses. Large or small, near or far, we'll get the job done. Our network of global providers assists offices in relocations to and from anywhere. 

Understanding International Office Relocation

International office relocations are amazing opportunities for businesses, but they're also a challenge to plan and organize. Due to the scale and types of equipment likely to be transported, commercial relocations are almost always more work than residential moves.

International office relocations differ from domestic office moves. Typically, international relocations cross longer distances than domestic moves, may entail overseas shipping and often require additional paperwork to clear customs.

Moving your assets across international borders requires extra care. Often, a great deal of paperwork is involved, and your assets must also be protected. Any sensitive information must be transferred securely. Delicate machinery requires careful packaging. 

Regardless of the type of relocation, international moving automatically adds an additional level of complexity. The simplest solution is to hire an office moving company to assist with the process. Atlas International has a worldwide network, so you'll always find office moving companies near you, no matter where you are.

Mastering Your Global Office Move With Atlas International

With Atlas International, your global office move becomes infinitely simpler. Backed by our extensive international network and expertise, we'll ensure a smooth move with minimal business disruption.

Our moving process involves several steps, each carefully cultivated to meet your needs. Our experienced office relocation movers provide transparent services designed to simplify the process. You'll be backed by our team every step of the way, from strategic planning to when your last box is finally unpacked.

Strategic Planning and International Project Management

Before your move, we ask that you complete a consultation with us. This provides the backbone for our strategic planning and international project management. We need information about your current and final destinations, the kinds of items you need moved,  your budget and your timeline.

Customized International Moving Strategy

International moves pose numerous challenges, but our moving strategies tackle them all. Time zones become irrelevant, thanks to our global schedule. We'll work tirelessly to adhere to your schedule, ensuring your office assets arrive at their final destination on time. With our flexible packages and offered services, we can work with many budgets to create affordable options that work for your business.

Perhaps the most complex aspect of international relocation is getting through customs. Customs regulations vary from country to country, so it's essential to not only know what can be moved across borders but also be well-versed in the paperwork required. You'll need an inventory of all items to assist with the shipping process. Our experts can explain the customs process and help facilitate a smooth packing and shipping process.

Comprehensive Packing, Moving and International Setup Services

Depending on the services you request, we can provide door-to-door moving services. Our professional packers safely stow your office assets for transportation, using best practices to minimize the chances of damage during shipment. 

Your belongings will be picked up from your office on your schedule and moved for shipment to their final destination. Once they clear customs and arrive in your new country, we can even assist with office setup and unpacking so your business will be operational as soon as possible. 

International IT and Equipment Relocation

IT infrastructure and electronic office equipment require extra care during the packing and transportation processes. Not only will your IT support be down during this time, but there's also the risk of damage to expensive, sensitive equipment. One wrong bump can result in shattered screens. 

If electronics are exposed to water or frigid temperatures, they could stop working. This isn't just expensive and time-consuming to correct. If your digital files are on machines that get damaged, you risk losing vital information. 

Likewise, if you don't use trustworthy movers, sensitive information could be stolen for less-than-savory purposes. 

We know how vital your IT infrastructure and electronic equipment are to your business. That's why we handle them with care throughout the entire process. From secure packaging to transportation, your equipment will be carefully safeguarded as it crosses international borders.

Store Furniture & Fixtures Solutions

Office furniture and fixtures can take up a lot of space, especially if you have several desks, cabinets and other large furniture pieces. Trying to store office furniture and fixtures while waiting to ship or receive the keys to your new location can pose challenges.

We offer additional services to store your office assets until you're ready to receive them. With our global network, we can provide storage solutions around the world that work with your schedule and needs. Even large quantities of furniture and fixtures can be stowed away safely.

Once your furniture is delivered, we can also assist with integrating your existing assets with new additions to help get your office up and running as soon as possible.

Facility Decommissioning and Handover

When you vacate an office or other commercial space, it must be returned to the landlord in optimal condition. Fees may accrue if you don't completely clean out the space before relinquishing it. 

We offer extensive decommissioning services to ensure that nothing is left behind after completing your office furniture removal. We'll prepare the vacated office space according to the lease agreements and requirements, ensuring a seamless handover and minimizing fees.

Execution to Beyond Borders

We're experts in handling every step of your international move, from initial logistics to the final setup in your new office. With our unparalleled support from start to finish and beyond, this great endeavor will be handled as efficiently as possible. Any time you have questions, reach out to our team, and they'll provide insight, advice and clarification.

After your relocation has concluded, our support services continue. Our post-move support helps with the transition into an unfamiliar country and culture. 

Success Stories: Global Office Moves With Atlas International

For decades, we've provided international moving services to businesses like yours. Reviewers frequently praise our exceptional communication and professionalism. Our global moving experts guide customers through every step of the process to create a seamless transition across borders. As a premier office relocation company, we're dedicated to helping your business flourish, no matter where you choose to put down roots. 

Begin Your Global Journey With Atlas International

Preparing to launch your business globally requires extensive planning. Partnering with a moving company for office removals helps smooth the process, and Atlas International is here for the job. We offer extensive support whether you're still in the planning stages and looking for international moving resources or you've already got a plan in place.

We make your relocation process as simple as possible with a reliable network of experienced movers around the world. With Atlas International, you know you're getting trustworthy support from a global team while transitioning your office to a new country. Get a free quote online, or contact us today to discuss your move.