International Commercial Moving Services

Premier Commercial Moving Services by Atlas International

Across the world, small and large businesses relocate every day. It's often a major endeavor requiring extensive planning and organization, and it often results in downtime and disruption to operations. Atlas International is a top-tier commercial moving services provider ready to help make your business relocation as simple as possible. 

We know all about the unique needs and complexities that arise when moving restaurants, offices, clinics and a wide range of other businesses. That's why we're committed to arranging seamless, efficient and most importantly, stress-free moves for businesses of all sizes.

Commercial vs. Residential Moving: What's the Difference?

Commercial moving refers to relocating a business' belongings from one location to another. On the other hand, residential moving focuses on packing and transporting a renter or homeowner's belongings to a new location, whether it's in town, across the country or an international move

Residential and commercial moving may be similar, but there are a few major differences. A commercial move is often a much larger endeavor than simply relocating a family's belongings. Even a relatively small office will likely have desks, safes, file cabinets and other large furniture, in addition to a much stricter timeline. Our commercial movers are experienced in safely disassembling, packing and handling these items.

Depending on the type of commercial property you plan to relocate, much larger items, such as laboratory equipment, may come into play. A restaurant may have dozens of tables and chairs, along with specialized cooking appliances. Commercial moving companies must be capable of transporting and lifting heavy items, which may require special equipment, such as forklifts, in certain situations.

Beyond belongings, commercial properties may house sensitive materials, such as customer records, employee paperwork and other financial records. A clinic may have sensitive medical records it must legally keep protected, even when moving. Commercial movers must be capable of keeping this information secure. This often requires extensive background checking to ensure trustworthy employees handle your items.

Common industries that may require commercial moving services include:

  • Professional offices
  • Health care clinics
  • Warehouses
  • Retail stores
  • Tech and data centers
  • Restaurants

Why Choose Atlas International for Your Commercial Move?

If you're planning a commercial move, you need a business moving company you can trust. That's where Atlas International comes in. We're your go-to team, whether you're moving across town or to the other side of the world. Our extensive global network ensures your belongings are in good hands, regardless of the final destination. 

Your Trusted Commercial Mover

With our international accreditations, you'll know you're getting the dependability and excellent service you need to ensure a seamless move. It all starts with a quote and moving consultation. We'll work with you to determine which services best suit your needs. From there, we'll create a custom moving plan. Our services range from door-to-door moves to storage solutions while you wait for your new location. 

We've helped numerous businesses, large and small, relocate without a hitch, and we're ready to help you with yours.

Comprehensive Corporate & Commercial Moving Solutions

No two commercial businesses are alike, and no two moves are completed using the same strategy. That's why Atlas International offers customized business moving services that cater to your specific industry. Whether you need specialized commercial moving services for heavy, sensitive equipment or you're moving a small office, we'll fine-tune a plan to help you relocate seamlessly. 

Office Relocation Services

Offices need to relocate for a number of reasons, from a lease ending to the business growing too large for its current location. We're up for the task regardless of why you need to relocate your office. Our commercial office movers are capable of handling moves of all sizes, from a small, one-room office to large corporate relocations, with ease. 

Your items will be treated with the utmost care as they're packed, loaded, and unpacked in your new location. We understand the complexity of handling sensitive material, such as client or employee information, and fragile equipment, such as computers. 

Industrial and Specialty Moves

Atlas International handles far more than just office moves. Industrial and specialty moves often come with their own challenges. Larger equipment and storage systems require the right tools for the job and a team that's well-versed in handling them. 

Leave the heavy lifting to us. We know how to handle large, sensitive equipment that might be in a laboratory, health care clinic or other specialty commercial setting. Your items will be delivered safely to your destination, and if hiccups happen along the way, we have insurance policies in place. 

Business Storage Solutions

Sometimes, your assets and belongings may need to be stored for a period of time. This is especially true if there's a delay between leaving your old location and gaining access to the new one. We offer secure, flexible business storage solutions to protect your assets before, during and after the move. 

Seamless Execution and Support

From point A to point B, we pride ourselves on providing a seamless moving experience. Extensive communication starts with the initial consultation and carries through the entire relocation process. 

You'll have access to our support team for any questions or concerns every step of the way. Once your business relocation is complete, we continue our commitment to ensuring a successful move by offering post-move support. With extensive communication and coordination, our transparent practices and processes ensure a smooth transition to your new commercial location.

Atlas International's Process for Business Moving

Relocating a business often means downtime. We understand the costs associated with having to close up shop for an extended period of time. Our business moving process helps to minimize downtime and delays so you can reopen as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Initial Consultation and Planning

Before your relocation starts, we go through an initial consultation and planning stage. This includes a comprehensive assessment to ensure we understand your business's unique requirements. We'll ask questions about the type of equipment you need to be moved and how much you have. This helps us create the initial plan, including how many movers you may need or whether we'll need special equipment to lift and transfer heavy items.

Customized Moving Plan

After the initial consultation, we enter the customized planning process. This allows us to collaborate and create a plan that meets your needs, such as your budget and specific timeline, along with any logistical challenges. 

Professional Packing and Handling

When moving day arrives, we handle it according to the plan tailored for your business. Our expert packing services protect your valuable commercial assets with high-quality materials, secure storage and a team of commercial movers well-versed in moving techniques to preserve and protect your business' belongings.

Get Started With Your Corporate & Commercial Relocation Today

Relocating an entire business can be a hassle, even if you're moving across the street. Partnering with the right corporate or commercial relocation service allows you to rest assured that your commercial property will arrive safely and promptly at its new location. 

If you're ready for a hassle-free commercial or corporate move, contact Atlas International. We'll provide a consultation and a free quote so you know what to expect. Reach out today online or call +1-206-526-1137 to get started.