Italy Moving Guide

Italy Moving Guide

Italy is a beautiful, boot-shaped country that is bordered to the north by France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. As a peninsula, Italy is surrounded by water on each of its other sides. Though Italy is perhaps best known for pasta, pizza, and other culinary contributions, it has far more to offer than simple gastronomic pleasures. The country welcomes around 98 million tourists per year who come to see the stunning Italian landscapes and experience a culture rich in art and history.

From the ruins of the tragic city of Pompeii to the 24/7 wine fountain located along a pilgrimage route in Caldari di Ortona, Italy is bursting with incredible historic and cultural sites, 58 of which have become UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you’re looking for a change of pace and want to experience life in a country with beautiful landscapes and a focus on food and family, then check out Atlas® International’s Italy Moving Guide.

Gondolas glide through the water in the canals in Venice, Italy.

Venice, Italy

Moving from the US to Italy

Why are Americans moving to Italy? Many Americans make the move for university, earning a degree in a foreign country at a fraction of the price that they would pay at home. Others might move for the change in culture and scenery. Italy features a laid-back, family-focused culture that is attractive to many Americans who want something different from the fast pace of American society. The well-known Italian phrase, dolce far niente (“the sweetness of doing nothing”) illustrates the culture’s focus on kicking back and enjoying the moment.

Food and Culture

In addition to the simple culture, Italy boasts a diverse and beautiful landscape. Northern Italy is best known for its hotspots like Florence, Venice, and Milan, where tourists flock to see the famous sites such as the Tower of Pisa or the Duomo di Milano. Southern Italy, in contrast, features a more Mediterranean climate, with picturesque coastlines and a less touristy atmosphere.

Of course, no matter where you go in Italy, the food is sure to be incredible. Olive oil and fresh herbs are used often, and the food is flavorful and carefully made using traditional recipes and whole ingredients. In addition to foods that are available across Italy, each region of Italy has its own culinary specialties and variations on classic recipes.  No matter your interests or tastes, there’s sure to be a place for you in Italy!


Italy enjoys a mostly Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and cold winters, making it easy to enjoy the variety of landscapes and natural wonders that Italy has to offer. To the north, the jutting peaks of the Dolomite Mountains—a UNESCO World Heritage Site—are a stunning and unique sight to see. In central Italy, the Tuscany region features the Saturnia Hot Springs, with swimmable, turquoise pools that cascade into a beautiful waterfall. The falls are free to swim in and open to the public, making it a great option for those looking for a low-cost trip.

For lovers of lush, verdant woods, southern Italy is home to many forests. The south of Italy also includes the island of Sicily, which is easily accessible by ferry and should take less than half an hour to get to from the mainland city of Villa San Giovanni.

Where to Live in Italy

Thinking of relocating to Italy? Here are some popular locations for ex-pats:

  • Florence
  • Bologna
  • Milan
  • Rome
  • Turin

Moving to Florence, Italy

Florence is a dream city for many who wish to assimilate into the Italian lifestyle rather than live in a tourist hotspot. Smaller than cities like Rome and Milan, Florence offers a quieter way of living. Smaller, however, does not mean less interesting! Often referred to as the art capital of Italy, Florence was the origin of the Renaissance art movement and the birthplace of Dante Alighieri and Michelangelo. The city is brimming with art and history, making it an excellent place to live for art enthusiasts.

Though one might expect the cost of living to be high in such a beautiful area, the cost of living in Florence is actually 34% lower than that of larger American cities such as New York City. The cost of rent itself is even cheaper: rent is around 74% lower than in New York.  If you are moving to Florence from the US, you will likely run into the need for overseas shipping and specialized movers who are familiar with customs and import regulations.

A man stands in an archway with his suitcase before his individual move to Italy with Atlas® International.

Atlas® International helps people move to Italy every year.

Resources for Moving to Italy

Thinking of moving from the US to Italy? Check out our detailed customs guide for international relocation tips including household goods importing, restricted and prohibited items, moving pets, importing vehicles, and documentation you will need.


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