Moving To Mexico From United States

Moving to Mexico From US Guide

Are you considering moving to Mexico? Perhaps you're relocating to Mexico City for work, or maybe you plan to retire and spend your days lazing on the beaches on the Yucatan Peninsula. Once you've locked in your destination, it's time to set your sights on how to move to Mexico and the process involved. 

While Mexico offers enchanting landscapes and a rich history, moving to a new country can seem daunting. This is where Atlas International comes in. With over 60 years of experience in international moves, we'll help you overcome the complexities of relocating, ensuring your move to Mexico is seamless and exciting. 

From customs clearance and transportation to cultural climatization, we do the work for you, allowing you to focus on the adventure ahead and settling into your new home. 

Unveiling Mexico: Why It's a Top Choice for Americans

Mexico is an increasingly popular destination for Americans looking to relocate. The country boasts a lower cost of living than the United States. For example, living in a Mexican city, such as Mérida or Guadalajara costs nearly 60% less than living in a major US city, such as San Francisco or New York. This affordability extends to housing, health care and living expenses, enabling expats to enjoy a higher quality of life. 

Mexico also offers a rich cultural landscape bursting with vibrant traditions, historical roots and renowned cuisine. The country's proximity to the US is another bonus, making visits back home convenient and cost-effective. 

Planning Your Move: Insights and Essentials

Planning a move to Mexico doesn't have to be taxing. While there are many factors to consider, careful preparation will prevent delays to your big adventure and ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Navigating the Visa Process for Mexico

Understanding the visa process is an essential legal consideration for Americans moving to Mexico. Several visas are available, each suited to different purposes and stay durations, including tourism, business and permanent residence. The most common visas include: 

  • Tourist Visa: Americans are permitted to stay in Mexico for up to 180 days on a tourist visa. This option is ideal for short trips or house-hunting visits. However, this visa doesn't allow employment. 
  • Temporary Resident Visa: This visa is designed for those who wish to extend their stay in Mexico beyond 180 days but less than 4 years. It's perfect for retirees, business investors or professionals moving for work who can prove they have sufficient funds to support themselves. 
  • Permanent Resident Visa: The permanent resident visa is for those who wish to live in Mexico indefinitely. You'll need to prove you have substantial financial independence. It's also available for those with family ties in Mexico, such as spouses or children. 

Visa Application Process

The visa application process is relatively straightforward for most Americans. You'll need to start your visa application at a Mexican consulate in the United States. The process is as follows:

  • Determine the appropriate visa type for your stay.
  • Submit necessary documentation, such as financial statements and proof of employment.
  • If everything checks out, your visa will be issued in around 10 to 15 days.
  • Upon arrival in Mexico, register with the National Migration Institute to obtain your resident card.

Relocation Budget & Other Finances

Moving to Mexico can be financially advantageous due to the lower cost of housing, health care, and daily expenses. You can make the most of these benefits by planning your initial moving budget and long-term finances. You'll need to consider the following: 

  • Initial Costs: Your initial costs will include moving services, visa applications, shipping, travel and setting up your new home. You may also want to consider unexpected expenses, including housing deposits and utility setups. 
  • Cost of Living Comparison: Cities such as Mérida, Aguascalientes and San Luis Potosí provide significantly reduced living costs compared to major US cities. Do your research before your move so you can choose the best city for your needs. 
  • Banking and Credit: Opening a bank account in Mexico is relatively easy, especially with larger banks. However, it's important to note that US credit history doesn't carry over, so building Mexican credit may take some time. 
  • Renting and Housing: Renting often requires a deposit and occasionally a guarantor. The property market also offers opportunities for buying property at a much lower rate than in the US.
  • Employment: Job opportunities for expats are plentiful in education, real estate and tourism. Do some research to ensure you understand the local job market and your potential earnings.
  • Health care: Look into the cost of private health care, comparing plans in Mexico with the plans you currently hold in the US. 

Life in Mexico: What to Expect

Deciding to move to Mexico could be the best decision you ever make. Mexico has a lot to offer, from its vibrant daily life to affordable and accessible health care. While safety concerns vary by region, many expat communities are well-established, welcoming and safe. 

Learning the language is essential to fully immersing yourself in Mexican life. Even a sprinkling of basic Spanish can vastly improve your integration into the community. Participating in local customs and events can also help you connect with your neighbors and enrich your living experience. 

Choosing Atlas International: Your Relocation Experts

Whether you're moving to Mexico City or haven't settled on a destination yet, selecting a trustworthy international moving company is essential. At Atlas International, we offer 60 years of experience and a deep understanding of international logistics and local nuances. We can handle the customs clearance process to ensure your move is hassle-free. If you want us to, we'll even pack your belongings for you. We'll manage your move efficiently so you can concentrate on adjusting to your new life in Mexico.

The Atlas International Moving Process

Atlas International streamlines the complex process of moving to Mexico, taking care of every detail on your behalf. From our initial consultation and quote to the final setup in your new home, we're with you every step of the way. 

  • Consultation and Planning: Our service starts with a detailed consultation to understand your specific needs and timelines. 
  • Packing and Inventory: Professional packing services ensure every item is safe and secure. We'll also create a detailed inventory for customs. 
  • Logistics Coordination: We manage all logistics, including choosing the best modes of transport and shipping routes. 
  • Customs Clearance: Our team handles all customs clearance procedures, including the paperwork. 
  • Delivery and Unpacking: Upon arrival in Mexico, our global team oversees the delivery and unloading of your belongings. We'll even unpack and help you set up your new home if you want us to. 

Settling Into Your New Home in Mexico

Settling into your new home in Mexico can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. Start by securing accommodation that suits your lifestyle and budget, taking the local neighborhood, transport links and cost of living into account. Open a local bank account to manage your finances and learn about currency exchanges. Engaging with your local community, whether expats, Mexicans or a blend of both, will help to enrich your integration. 

Atlas International: Your Partner in International Relocation

Move to Mexico with confidence by choosing Atlas International as your moving partner. We understand every aspect of an international move, and we'll tailor our services to suit your needs. 

Ready to start your new adventure in Mexico? Contact our team today for a free consultation and detailed quote.