Moving to Switzerland from the US: What You Need to Know

Switzerland is a gorgeous country that is bordered by Italy, Germany, France, Austria, and the tiny country of Liechtenstein. Switzerland is well-known for its army knives, cheese, and chocolate, but there is far more to the country than the items that it exports.

Twelve million tourists each year pass through Switzerland to bask in its breathtaking sights, from the soaring peaks of the Swiss Alps to the mirrorlike lakes and quaint mountain villages that the country has to offer. The Rhine Falls in the northern part of Switzerland is the most powerful of all the waterfalls in Europe, and the medieval town of Gruyères is the birthplace of Gruyère cheese, a well-loved addition to many culinary delights.

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A mountain looms over a small church on a hill in Stoos, Switzerland

Stoos, Switzerland

Moving from the US to Switzerland

Why are Americans moving to Switzerland? Many Americans will make the move for university, as Switzerland contains some of the best-ranked universities in the world. Others might move for the great work-life balance and fantastic healthcare that is prevalent within the country. Though Switzerland is known to be an expensive place to live, the average Swiss income is higher than that of the average American. Not only that, but Switzerland was also ranked the third happiest country in the world in 2022, making it an overall great place to move to in spite of the high costs of living.


In addition to the quality of life, Switzerland’s cuisine is simple and tasty. Influenced by the surrounding countries of France, Germany, and Italy, Swiss cuisine features many recipes made with cheese, potatoes, and pasta. This heavy food, which is a pleasure to eat, will also help you fuel up for a long walk around a beautiful Swiss village or even a hike through the mountains: since most of the country is mountainous, hiking is a well-loved pastime for the Swiss.


The Matterhorn, part of the Alps and one of the highest peaks in Europe, can be hiked best in the summer months when the chill of the mountain winds is less biting. At any time of the year, the Lauterbrunnen Valley is a must-see for its many springs and waterfalls. No matter your interests or tastes, there’s sure to be a place for you in Switzerland!

The Swiss National Park is also a must-see for nature lovers, where jutting mountains meet lush pine forests. For lovers of architecture, Switzerland is also a great place to see elaborate castles. The Oberhofen Castle in particular is intriguing, as each of its successive owners made additions to the building in the style that was most prominent at the time. As a result, the Oberhofen Castle is an amalgamation of multiple architectural styles.


The climate of Switzerland is very moderate, with no extreme heat or cold. The summers are warm and the winters are cool, though the temperature also depends on altitude: in the mountains, it gets much colder and more snowy than in the valleys. The normally mild weather means that travel and sightseeing are easy. Some of Switzerland’s main attractions include, of course, the Swiss Alps, where visitors can hike and ski to their hearts’ content.

Where to Live in Switzerland

Thinking of relocating to Switzerland? Here are some popular locations for ex-pats:

  • Geneva
  • Bern
  • Basel
  • Lucerne
  • Zurich

Moving to Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, well-known for the eponymous Geneva Conventions, is a bustling city that is popular among expats to Switzerland. Part of French-speaking Switzerland, the city is located so close to France that one might cross over for a French meal or for groceries. Its convenient location isn’t the only thing that sets Geneva apart: the city itself is extremely safe and well-maintained, and the sights are beautiful. Even within the city, one can see the distant, sloping mountains that make Switzerland beautiful. In the center of the city, Lake Geneva sits with its mirrorlike surface, reflecting the blue sky and crisp buildings back up to the viewer. The lake is crescent-shaped and has a perimeter of around 26 miles, meaning that no matter where you go in Geneva, you won’t be far from its beautiful lake. If you are moving to Geneva from the United States, you will likely run into the need for overseas shipping and specialized movers who are familiar with customs and import regulations.

A woman packs her clothes in preparation for her individual move to Switzerland with Atlas® International

Atlas® International helps people move to Switzerland every year.

Resources for Moving to Switzerland

Thinking of moving from the US to Switzerland? Check out our detailed customs guide for international relocation tips including household goods importing, restricted and prohibited items, moving pets, importing vehicles, and documentation you will need.


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